Best Crystals for attracting money & prosperity

Best Crystals for attracting money & prosperity

Apr 29, 2024Yomixu

The Best Crystals for Attracting Money

Having enough money, wealth, and abundance is something everyone dreams of having. And yet, it eludes so many of us. What you may not realize is your conditioning, based on limiting beliefs around money, may be the very reason your bank account is always empty! One of the ways to shift these negative beliefs is to clear energy blockages with crystals.

Crystals have been used since ancient times for healing and shifting negative thought patterns. With an open mindset, you’ll be empowered to set intentions for attracting abundance and money into your life. Some of the best crystals to attract money can remove mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages, allowing you to feel more receptive towards money and prosperity.

Keeping the right crystals close to you will assist in raising your energetic vibrations and knowing which stones to use for attracting wealth and abundance is key to manifesting money. Read on to find out which seven best crystals for manifesting money will help you to shift your limiting beliefs around abundance. Amplify your energy. 

1. Tiger’s Eye
One of the most well-known crystals for shifting negative energies, the Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone for attracting money, success, and prosperity. This crystal comes in all shapes and sizes and is identified by its brown-gold to red coloring with yellow stripes.

Tiger’s Eye keeps you grounded whenever you’re dealing with money, helping you to make the right financial decisions. The crystal protects you and your resources against greed and potential threats from outsiders.

Always keep a Tiger’s Eye in your pocket or handbag whenever you’re shopping or looking to make investments. Its powers will ensure you don’t make hasty, expensive purchases or irrational investment mistakes.

2. Carnelian
Carnelian is an empowering crystal for increasing your positive thoughts. And, when you have positive beliefs, you’re able to take the right action for manifesting your dreams and goals. Use Carnelian to give you the confidence to attract money. This is one of the best crystals to bring success into your life by ensuring you use your talents and gifts to attract abundance.

When you’re feeling emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in sync, you’ll be inspired to take on opportunities that’ll increase your flow of money. Financial success is often grounded in taking calculated risks, being confident, and having a self-belief that you’ll succeed.

Keep a Carnelian stone in your wallet or purse so you can benefit from this abundance crystal. Make sure it’s always with you when you’re attending meetings and discussing new deals. Ensure you keep this crystal on your desk at work to keep your confidence levels balanced and strong.

3. Pyrite
Recognized by gold specks scattered throughout the stone, Pyrite is also often known as “Fool’s Gold.” At first glance, you may think you’ve stumbled on a gold mine whenever you find one of these stones! But, if it’s used properly, it’s one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting money, wealth, and good fortune.
By carrying Pyrite with you, your energy levels will be raised, making you feel courageous, enthusiastic, and determined to succeed in any business venture. This is a wonderful crystal for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses while becoming financially sustainable.

Use Pyrite energies to shift limiting beliefs around lack of money or abundance. Carry a stone in your pocket or bag and always keep one on your desk if you’re serious about manifesting financial success.

4. Green Aventurine
The Green Aventurine crystal talks to your heart, the place of love and abundance. If your heart chakra is blocked, you’re not going to be open to receiving wealth and prosperity. To manifest money and abundance, you need to be open and receptive to the good fortune meant for you.
Green Aventurine helps to unblock stagnant energies, freeing up your heart chakra to receive with gratitude.

This green crystal will guide you towards making the right financial decisions so you don’t lose any money you do have. It’ll ensure you spend wisely while keeping your heart open and receptive to golden opportunities that may present themselves at any time.

The Green Aventurine stone is always associated with possibilities and opportunities that bring you financial stability and prosperity. The best way to benefit from the energies of this stone is to hold it against your heart during an abundance meditation.

5. Citrine
If you’re looking for a crystal to improve your money situation, Citrine is a good stone to have in your collection. This crystal’s energy will increase your energetic vibrations, improving your enthusiasm and determination to succeed while empowering you to tap into your inner power. Citrine energy is powerful in shifting negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, giving you clarity of the mind.

With a clearer mind, you’ll be more open to seeing new opportunities while making financial decisions with clarity. When your energy flows are positive, you’ll be receptive to energies of abundance and prosperity. Citrine helps you to create a healthier attitude towards money and its role in your life.

Citrine works well in unblocking your solar plexus chakra, where personal power resides. When your solar plexus is flowing freely, your sense of self-empowerment will enable you to manifest money successfully.

6. Green Jade
If one of your limiting beliefs around money is that you don’t deserve abundance and wealth, then you need to get Green Jade. This beautiful green crystal is powerful in shifting negative thought patterns and lack of self-worth around money. It’s often associated with good luck and fortune. Green Jade is also used to unblock stagnant energies around the heart chakra.

Whenever you want to manifest money, be successful in financial deals, and have a goal focused on achieving ultimate wealth, you need to keep Green Jade in your collection of crystals. This stone will give you the focus you need to attract all the best energies for building and maintaining financial success.

Green Jade releases your doubt around being worthy of abundance so keep this stone close on hand especially when you start to feel anxious about the lack of money. This crystal’s gentle vibrations will soothe your fears, helping you to become grounded so you can attract the abundance you deserve.

7. Clear Quartz
The master of all healing crystals, Clear Quartz will also help you manifest prosperity, abundance, and money. It works by breaking down all destructive beliefs around money, giving you the mental power you need to attract money successfully into your life. Clear Quartz helps to amplify your intentions when drawing more abundance towards you.

Whenever you feel you need a good cleanse, use this crystal to unblock emotional and mental energies. Only then, with clarity, can you send out pure intentions which will attract the right energies for manifesting money.

Keep a Clear Quartz crystal close to you whenever you’re starting a new business or career, visualizing financial success, or creating an abundance vision board. You can also use this stone to enhance the energies of other money-manifesting crystals.

Final Thoughts
Use this list to help you find crystals good for manifesting money. Creating a wealth or money corner in your home is a good way of setting intentions for receiving abundance into your life. When you’re not keeping the crystals on you, they can be kept in your money corner to keep the good energies flowing.

By tapping into crystal powers, you’re giving yourself another tool to shift negative beliefs while improving your mindset towards money and abundance. This way, you can be open to new opportunities while manifesting the money you deserve.

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