Handcrafted Dragon Lucky Knot Bracelet for Prosperity and Protection

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Handmade item


2024 is the Year of the Dragon in Jiachen, the year of the Dragon in the zodiac. The Dragon Rope issued by Putuo Mountain this time is to add joy to the Year of the Dragon.Materials: Cotton

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Closure: Hook


Bracelet width: 4 Centimeters; Bracelet length: 23 Centimeters
Welcome prosperity and guard against the vicissitudes of life with this exquisitely Handcrafted Dragon Knot Lucky Rope Bracelet. Each bracelet is an artistic marvel, hand-woven with gilded thread into intricate knots like the Fulfillment Knot, Dragon God Knot, Flat Knot, and Peace Knot. The design of the rope, reminiscent of a soaring dragon, symbolizes auspiciousness, upward momentum, and good fortune, especially as the new year welcomes the "Five Dragons Rising".

Each element on the rope has a different meaning and blessing, which is fashionable and beautiful.

On the dragon rope, the Mahayana vajra knot represents the dragon's head, the dragon scale knot represents the dragon's scales, the perfect knot represents the dragon's neck, the four-strand knot represents the dragon's body, and the rope is shaped like a flying dragon.

The dragon head knot shines like an auspicious dragon flying through the auspicious clouds~

The dragon scale knot is the main knot, and the colorful dragon scale knot is chosen to symbolize happiness.

The dragon's neck is a five-color perfect knot, which means auspiciousness and perfection~

There is a folk saying about the five-color dragon king: white, green, blue, red and yellow, the five-color dragon king is the god who protects gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

Dragon whiskers, peace knot design, meaning peace and tranquility.

The dragon's body is based on a hand-made four-strand knot. Each twist and turn means stability, and all good fortune and blessings are locked into this dragon rope.

You can also adjust the length of the cord, so you can wear it regardless of the thickness of your wrist~

Worn on the wrist as a bracelet, it's not only a stylish accessory but also a token of protection. The vibrant colors are set with artisanal dyeing techniques, ensuring longevity and a unique character for each piece. This bracelet is perfect for those seeking to carry a piece of protective charm and traditional elegance with them throughout their daily endeavors.


Handcrafted Dragon Lucky Knot Bracelet for Prosperity and Protection
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