Extremely Powerful Orgonite Protection Necklace, Solar quartz Crystal pendant 18k Gold, Gift her him, Gift for her

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Our most powerful Orgonite protection necklace ever made! Perfect for manifestation and 5G EMF protection. The use of Solar Quartz at the heart of this pendant boosts the natural electrical biofield, supporting heart-mind manifestation. 💖

Design Features

Slim, elegant, and beautiful, we renewed the look of traditional orgonite to maximize its effectiveness. Our orgonite releases a natural frequency that helps harmonize the human biofield. This specific frequency resonates with your heart's natural rhythms, creating a resonance that encourages a state of coherence—a perfect alignment where your heart and brain work together in harmony, unleashing a world of possibilities. 🌈


Small but extremely powerful pendant: approximately 34-35mm wide x 7-8mm thick x 38mm tall with a 2.5mm hole.

Available Options

  • Pendant only (no silk cord necklace)
  • Water-resistant pendant with gold, silver, or black silk cord (tarnish-free)

Let me know in the notes if you want me to add a free bail for easier attachment to other necklaces, as the hole size is about 2-2.5mm.

About Our Orgonite

The quartz crystal orgonite matrix blend is embedded inside clear and pearly eco resin, which shrinks as it dries, creating slight pressure on the crystal and causing it to give off natural piezoelectric energy. This energy, orgone energy from the many layers of the atomized blend, and EMF attenuation last the entire life of the pendant. This energy would not be accessible without the crystal compression, a vital aspect of activating and accessing the crystal energy. We use various scientific measuring devices to gauge the frequency. Using only natural materials, we test with a Natural Tri-Field Meter, showing the natural piezoelectric electrical output. The piezoelectric field is well-studied for assisting with tissue and bone regeneration. Some people are sensitive enough to feel this energy, and each pendant is scientifically measured to ensure quality.


We use only the highest quality materials to access the zero-point field: Elite noble shungite, pyrite, AAA Herkimer diamond, quartz crystal, black tourmaline, black lava magnetic sand, atomized metal blend, 18k gold fill around the central Solar Quartz crystal, 18k gold plated pendant, magnetite, copper, natural eco resins, mica, and gold leaf. 🌟


Atomizing and embedding the ingredients allows for more powerful orgonite due to the many overlapping layers. The Casimir effect occurs, and a piezoelectric charge from the crystal compression further amplifies the orgonite, creating natural power generation conversion, forever.

Environmentally Responsible: I gather many of the ingredients myself from mineral-rich sites in the USA and practice sustainable mining in an eco-friendly way. If I can’t gather an ingredient myself, I ensure to purchase only ethically sourced fair-trade items. 🌿

Extremely Powerful Orgonite Protection Necklace, Solar quartz Crystal pendant 18k Gold, Gift her him, Gift for her

Charities & Giving Back

You are helping us heal poor children around the world. For every product sold, zenvibesfengshui will donate a portion of the proceeds to UNICEF to help poor children get a good education. We hope to hire teachers to teach in poor areas and build classrooms so that these children can study in peace.