Hetian Jade Pendant Manifesting Necklace

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      • In the practice of intention setting, this energy can be amplified using specific crystals. Amplifying such energy helps transform your intentions into reality.

      Hetian jade is one of the few crystals that can amplify energy.

      The “Hetian Jade Pendant” is worn to manifest your dreams of wealth, good health, or love. It is believed to contain properties that can amplify the energy of your intentions.

      If you wish to realize your dreams and wishes, wear this Hetian jade necklace now!


      Hetian Jade Necklace Benefits

      • Amplify the energy of dreams and wishes
      • Improve the energy of abundance
      • Enhance fortune luck, health luck, and love luck
      • Soothing energy to keep you calm at all times


      Hetian Jade Pendant Meaning

      Hetian jade is a rare gemstone that belongs to the family of Nephrite. Nephrite is a type of jade produced in Xinjiang Province in China.

      In the crystal world, Hetian jade is known as the “Stone of Dreams and Wishes.” It is believed that wearing the dark green gemstone will amplify the energy of your wishes. The more intense your wish is, the more powerful the crystal gets.

      For this reason, many would wear a Hetian jade pendant to fulfill their dreams. This is especially helpful for those who desire prosperity as jade is also known as a stone of abundance in feng shui.

      Belonging to the family of jade, this stone is also said to contain soothing energy that is both calming and healing.


      Hetian Jade Necklace for You

      If you’re looking to amplify the energy of your intentions, this Hetian jade necklace is made for that purpose!

      Get yours now!


      Aligning your intentions: Recite daily affirmations such as “I accept fortune luck” to manifest your intentions!


      Necklace Details

      • Item Type: Hetian Necklace
      • Material: Natural Hetian Jade
      • Carvings: Chinese Patterns
      • Color: Dark Green
      • Pendant Size: approx. 1.5” (38mm)
      • Gender: Unisex
      • Related Terms: Hetian Nephrite jade, Amplifying Necklace, Manifestation Necklace, Samurai Necklace
      Hetian Jade Pendant Manifesting Necklace