Lucky Little Monk Tea Pet

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A tea pet, also known as a tea lover's pet, is just what it might sound like – a companion for your tea time. In Oriental tradition, the tea pet is a clay figurine that is placed on your tea table for good luck, joining you for some tea.

How do you use a tea pet?

When steeping yourself some tea, you can actually feed your tea pet some as well. This is when it becomes more like a pet, something you have to raise and take care of. The tea pet will absorb (or drink it, however you’d like to see it) the tea’s color and scent and over time you will notice a difference in the clay’s appearance thanks to the tea you serve it.

To do so, simply pour some tea over it, making sure to cover it entirely.

If you wish, you can use a tea brush to “pet” the surface and distribute the tea evenly.

Our Lucky Little Monk Tea Pet for Mindfulness and Harmony!

Tea has long been valued by monks to keep them awake during meditation. Mindfulness is essential to Zen practice. Along with meditation, a great many arts and ceremonial practices of Zen require complete attention. The folds in a monk's bowing cloth, the placement of bowls and chopsticks, the composition of a flower arrangement all follow precise forms. A wandering mind leads to mistakes in form. So it is with brewing and drinking tea. Over time, Zen monks incorporated tea into Zen practice, paying attention to every detail of its creation and consumption

Our tea pets are molded into little monks in the concept of tea ceremony and Zen Buddhism. 

Traveling Monk embarks on his journey on foot to promote Buddhism and enlighten others.

Sweeping Monk knows the values of wabi-sabi (natural, simple and minimalistic things are better) which are deeply embedded in Zen Buddhism.

Little Abbot is finding his inner peace when chanting mantras during meditation.

The tea pets are sculpted with the same clay and unglazed, leaving a rough surface that is better to absorb the tea.

Dress up your tea table and tea space with our Lucky Little Monk Tea Pet!

Product Details

- Product Type: Handcrafted Tea Pet
- Material: Purple Sand, Black Galaxy
- Variants: Available in 3 styles

Lucky Little Monk Tea Pet

Charities & Giving Back

You are helping us heal poor children around the world. For every product sold, zenvibesfengshui will donate a portion of the proceeds to UNICEF to help poor children get a good education. We hope to hire teachers to teach in poor areas and build classrooms so that these children can study in peace.