Magnetic Therapy Bracelets - Black, Silver, Gold

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Pain can be crippling.

Dealing with pain can affect how we function every day. One alternative way to manage your pain is through magnetic therapy.

Our “Magnetic Therapy Bracelets” are traditionally used to provide comfort for those who suffer from body aches. Fused with metals and other beneficial elements, many believe that wearing these bracelets can offer a range of benefits to one’s health.

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Benefits

  • Traditionally used in magnetic therapy to stimulate blood flow
  • Widely worn to relieve pain and discomfort
  • Thought to aid in the healing process
  • Said to release toxins from the body
  • Encourages relaxation and better sleep

What is a Magnetic Therapy Bracelet?

A magnetic therapy bracelet is a type of accessory fused with magnets. It is commonly worn to ease body pains such as arthritis.

In this traditional method, a magnet is placed to direct blood to a specific part of the body. This is said to stimulate the flow of blood that results in relaxing the tissues and muscles in that region.

By doing so, it puts the body in the best position for self-healing. For this reason, magnetic therapy bracelets have become a popular tool for aiding in the healing process.

Fused with Other Beneficial Materials

These bracelets also feature germanium, negative ions, and far-infrared to help promote wellness!

 magnetic therapy bracelet features

Negative ions are believed to help prevent the loss of electrons, boosting your defenses against diseases. On the other hand, far-infrared is used in physiotherapy to improve the conditions of the body.

Meanwhile, the germanium in these bracelets is what allows negative ions and far-infrared to be absorbed in the body!

Magnetic Therapy Bracelets for You

Our bracelets come in a variety of colors. Choose from black, silver, gold, or a mix of colors that suit your style!

Get yours now!

Bracelet Details

  • Item Type: Magnetic Bracelet
  • Material: Alloy, Magnets, Germanium
  • Colors:
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Black/Gold
    • Silver/Gold
  • Length: 8.46” (21.5cm)
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Related Terms: germanium bracelet, wellness bracelet, health bracelet
Magnetic Therapy Bracelets - Black, Silver, Gold