Natural Citrine Money & Wealth Crystal

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Happiness • Positivity • Abundance
The stone for attracting money and wealth. Wearing authentic natural citrine can enhance money luck and bring prosperity since citrine gemstone is well known as the stone of wealth.


Citrine is known to be the premier manifestation stone. When combined with the power of your affirmation and intention, it is a powerful stone for helping with the manifestation of prosperity and abundance. It is one of the only crystals that does not store any negativity. 

This stone can help you:

  • Brings excellent business luck, attracts abundance, fortune and wealth
  • Has the extra power to help prevent financial losses or from being robbed, cheated or assaulted
  • It can help with digestive disorders and poor blood circulation
  • Citrine is also recognized as a happy stone that dispels all negativities and gloom around it. Great for smoothing discords


Item Type: Crystal Stone
Material: Genuine Citrine
Weight: 62g
Length: 69mm
Package Inclusion: 

1 x Natural Citrine Money & Wealth Crystal
 NOTE: Since this is a natural stone, shape, and size may not be the same exactly in the photos. 

Natural Citrine Money & Wealth Crystal
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