Natural Gold Obsidian Double Pixiu Bracelet

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Attract twice the energy of abundance around you!

If you desire a more prosperous life, the double Pixiu bracelet is designed for that purpose.

The “Natural Gold Obsidian Double Pixiu Bracelet” is worn to double the wealth luck you receive in your life. It features a pair of Pixiu amulets and three powerful gemstones to activate your feng shui energy of money.

Many have claimed that the bracelet has helped them feel more abundant energy around them! Start wearing it today!

Double Pixiu Bracelet Benefits

  • Attract money energy
  • Safeguard wealth
  • Double the effects of luck
  • Strengthen your will
  • Offer spiritual protection
  • Instill self-confidence
  • Inspire clarity

Double Pixiu Bracelet Meaning

In feng shui, we place a mirror in front of the dining table to give the perception of doubling the amount of food. This is said to invite prosperity twofold.

This is the concept behind the double Pixiu bracelet.

Pixiu (also called Pi Yao) is a long-time feng shui symbol for wealth. When worn as a bracelet, it is said to bring in the energy of abundance into your life.

What makes this bracelet extra powerful is that it is strung with not just one but two Pixiu amulets!

Inspired by the “doubling excellence” concept of feng shui, a pair of Pi Yao is thought to attract twice more money energy than a single charm!

By wearing this double Pi Yao bracelet, many believe that it can help them attract a large amount of wealth luck!

Supported by Powerful Gemstones

Each Pixiu amulet in this bracelet is made of natural gold obsidian. In the crystal world, a gold obsidian stone is used to strengthen the will of its bearer. It’s an excellent support stone to encourage you to pursue your endeavors, such as opening a business, starting an investment, or applying for a promotion.

This bracelet is also accentuated by a tiger’s eye stone, which is known to instill self-confidence in those who wear it. Wearing a yellow tiger’s eye is also said to clear the mind so you can make sound decisions at all times.

Finally, the beads in this piece are made of black obsidian, a stone of protection. People wear it to protect themselves from negative energies that can cause bad luck and misfortune.

Double Pi Yao Bracelet for You

Many have said that this bracelet made them feel more prosperous energy around them. If you wish to improve your wealth luck, don’t miss out on this feng shui bracelet!

Wear the double Pixiu bracelet now!

Aligning your intentions: Speak daily affirmations such as “I am doubling my luck today” to strengthen the effects of the bracelet.

Bracelet Details

  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Material: Natural Gold Obsidian, Black Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye
  • Amulet: Double Pixiu/Pi Yao
  • Bead Size: 0.47” (12mm)
  • Bracelet Size: approx. 5.9-6.7” (15-17cm)
  • Gender: Unisex
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Natural Gold Obsidian Double Pixiu Bracelet