REPEL EVIL SPIRIT Fulu, Repel Evil Safety Talisman

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Fulu refers to supernatural Taoist incantations and magic symbols, often used as Chinese incantations, written charms, or talismans. These oriental Taoist talismans, known as "Fu" in China, are among the most powerful enchantment tools utilized by practitioners of Fulu Pai. Each talisman possesses a unique power, and there are specific methods to activate and harness these powers. Fu's and incantations can manifest psychic or spiritual energy. The intent behind using Fu's determines whether it is considered white or black magic.

Fulu talismans are typically drawn for various purposes. Practitioners from different Taoist schools have their own methods for drawing, activating, and performing rituals with talismans. These methods, usually passed down through their lineages, may include various mantras, mudras (hand gestures), rituals, and invocations to empower and bless the talismans.

The package includes one paper fulu and one small envelope (randomly chosen to be red or gold). To use the fulu, fold it and place it in the envelope, then keep it with you to benefit from its incantations. When the fulu's effect expires or when it is no longer needed, it should be completely burned. Our fulu are drawn by practitioners using cinnabar mineral, believed to enhance the holder's energy. Fulu should not be photocopied.

Repel Evil Spirit
This FULU prevents evil spirits from coming near the holder. It can be placed on a doorway to repel evil spirits from entering the house, or the holder can keep it with them at all times. 🧧👻

The color of the small envelope is randomly chosen and sent out.

The user is responsible for their own life choices and decisions. Fulu is not to be used for legal, financial, medical, or other life solutions. Good luck! 🍀

REPEL EVIL SPIRIT Fulu, Repel Evil Safety Talisman