Tiger’s Eye Bracelet

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Attract abundance and confidence with the energy of this Tiger’s eye bracelet. Elastic stretch band. Comes with a Tiger’s eye crystal collectors card.

Tiger's Eye is a natural protection against negative energies and ill wishes. It gives the wearer confidence, courage and strength to deal with any difficulty. It's a stone of protection that wards off fears and insecurities, especially around those who may wish you harm. Tiger's Eye provides abundance of energy along with a positive outlook.


The root chakra represents the energy that helps us feel safe and grounded, located at the base of the spine. Keep tiger's eye close to this chakra to charge your aura with earthy vibrations.

MANTRA • I possess myself exactly as I am at this moment in space-time.

SM - 16cm,  or 6.3 inch wrist, 4mm beads

MD - 19cm, or 7.5-inch wrist, 6mm beads

Tiger’s Eye Bracelet