Yin and Yang Ring Chinese Philosophy,Taoism,Fengshui

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A gift that makes people emotionally calm and lucky:

Delve into the significance of our Black Obsidian Taoism Five Sacred Mountains Nine-Character Mantra Necklace Pendant. Meticulously carved with Taoist symbols, this pendant embodies purification, transformation, and strength. Black Obsidian serves as a powerful crystal bodyguard, releasing anger and negativity while facilitating self-discovery and inner truth. Wear it to transform negative energy into confidence, self-worth, and inspiration.💕

As a core widely used in religious culture: Taosim offers an extraordinary opportunity to go directly and deeply into the heart of the rich and ancient practices of Taosim. Protection, healing, and faith are what symbols of Taosim are all about, they are capable of attracting positive forces and dispelling negative energies, also bringing good fortune all over you and your loved ones.
Feel its positive effects anytime, anywhere: Wear it in your daily life or hold it in your hand while meditating and praying, you can also use it as an energy ornament to place in any corner of the home and working space. Helps ease the mental state, dispel stress and anxiety, especially focus more and achieve enlightenment.
Only 49 pieces are available: these artisan-made bracelets are in short supply - and we’ve allocated as many as we can for this giveaway. We only ask that you help us with shipping & handling.

Materials: Silver, Stone
Band color: Silver
Style: Minimalist
Yin and yang ring. Solid sterling silver ring with a beautiful polished enamel yin yang design. Nice silver crafted design, sturdy ring. Face height = 8mm. Stamped 925. Various sizes in dropdown.
Yin and yang
Philosophical concept of dualism in Chinese philosophy, traditional medicine, fengshui, and protoscience, opposing solar/masculine/active/warm yang with lunar/feminine/passive/cool yin

Yin and Yang Ring Chinese Philosophy,Taoism,Fengshui