Abacus Red String Bracelet

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1.Enhances wealth, fostering a mindset of sound financial decision-making

2.Shields individuals of all zodiac signs from the impact of the Tai Sui Clash

3.Harmonious blend of positive vibration


In living a life that resonates with our higher purpose, discover the promise of a prosperous 2024 journey with the "氣 Qi Abacus Red String Bracelet. Align your energy with the moveable of each abacus beads, streamlining your path to success and fulfilled wishes. Symbolizing positive financial energy, it enhances wealth and fosters a mindset of sound decision-making in financial matters. This protective red string bracelet guards against the potential impact of the Tai Sui Clash, creating a harmonious blend of positive vibrations on your journey towards prosperity. Fuse your senses and feelings, evoking genuine harmony as you clear, balance, and energize your main energy centers one by one. Welcome balanced alignment and step into the year ahead with confidence and abundance.



Expression of Love Red String

Indulge in the perfect blend of style and symbolism with our "Abacus Harmony - Red String Bracelet." Crafted with precision, this bracelet features adjustable sizing to comfortably fit wrists between 13cm and 19cm (5"-7.5"). The vibrant red string intertwines with moveable abacus beads, creating a harmonious accessory that not only complements your style but also holds meaningful significance. The delicate abacus beads, made from 925 Silver and elegantly 18K Gold Plated, add a touch of sophistication. Embrace the flexibility of this bracelet, thoughtfully designed for your comfort and adorned with timeless elegance. 


Abacus Beads

Prosperity, Financial Abundance, Success, Clarity

Abacus Red String Bracelet