Bujeok, Talisman for anti-evil, anti evil Spell Charm Ofuda China Taoist Magic Asian Art Painting, Kingdom Netflix

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Materials: traditional paper, Real cinnabar ink

*** We would like to emphasize that the talismans we offer are not stamped or printed, but drawn by hand with cinnabar mineral by a skilled Fulu practitioner. This personal touch adds to the uniqueness and value of each talisman. ***

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Talisman for anti evil(雜鬼消滅符).

Item Description

Bujeok is china traditional talisman used to ward off misfortune and wish for good luck. It is usually drawn on yellow hanji(chinatraditional paper) with cinnabar ink. (Cinnabar is precious pigment also used as medicine, and it itself provides the body with a good aura.) It is characterized by Chinese characters and various symbols with spiritual aura. Nowadays, it is loved not only as a talisman, but also as traditional artwork.

Bujeok has various uses according to its features, such as calling good luck, preventing misfortune, protecting the body, strengthening business or improving romantic relationships.
You may carry a suitable Bujeok with you and burn it when you reach your goal or when a year has passed. (The effects of a Bujeok starts to diminish after 3 months, and a new Bujeok is needed after a year. Replacing it every six months is preferable for strong effects.) You don’t have to always carry it with you. For example, Bujeok related to home or household may also be a great ornament when put in a frame and placed. In china homes, it is also common to put Bujeok at the entrance of the house.

Bujeok is a supplementary mean; there won’t be any effect unless you do something. Your efforts must be accompanied.
For example, there was a man preparing for the judicial test. He had skills so excellent that he always was ranked at first or second place in mock tests every year, but he still barely failed judicial tests for five straight years. In this kind of situation, Bujeok can prove to be very effective. He, in fact, did pass the test with a small margin with help of Bujeok.
A friend of mine as well narrowly passed a professional certification exam after getting a Bujeok.


The package includes a small envelope along with Bujeok. Folding the Bujeok, putting it in the envelope and carrying it around with you, for example in a purse, would be convenient. Please note that we will send you a message with instructions on how to fold the Bujeok and put it inside the envelope. Try not to touch red ink.

NOTICE: As the Bujeok is handmade, there can be little bits of differences.

As there are a ton of different kinds of Bujeok, some might be missing from our collection. If you cannot find one according to your needs, give us a message and we will be glad to help.

This talisman will protect you from the devil.

9cmx19cm (3.5"x7.5")

Package Included:
1 X Talisman
1 X Gold or Red paper envelope
"Please note that Fulu talismans are a spiritual tool intended to support your personal journey and are not a substitute for professional help or advice. It is important to exercise personal responsibility in making life choices and decisions. Good luck on your path."

Bujeok, Talisman for anti-evil, anti evil Spell Charm Ofuda China Taoist Magic Asian Art Painting, Kingdom Netflix