DREAM Interpretation E-book: Hidden Meaning of Your Dreams, Chinese Oracle, Unlock the Power of Your Dreams

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Do you need help interpreting the hidden meaning of your dreams? Ask the I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle. Through the traditional reading method with coins and the Chinese hexagrams, we will help you decipher the hidden meaning of your dreams so that you can use them as a transformative tool in your life.

At Tao I Ching Reading we offer same-day-delivery readings. Learn more about yourself and make better decisions using this ancient method.

Please tell us about your dreams with as much detail as you can remember. Then, provide us with your name, date of birth and occupation. If you want more than one dream to be interpreted please submit a new request for each of the dreams.

We will use the traditional reading system to ask the oracle, and then we will read the answer based on our vast experience. You will receive the delivery in a few hours via Etsy Messages. You can access your reading directly through your Etsy account at any time.

Enjoy and reflect. Take time to absorb the information provided by the I Ching. Sometimes you will see the path immediately, and other times you will find guidance within time. Feel free to reach out if you need further clarification with your reading.


Service Type: Every I Ching consultation available here is strictly for entertainment. Although we strive to offer profound and valuable insights, there are no assurances regarding the readings' precision or relevance.

Not Professional Advice: These readings should not replace expert medical, psychological, legal, or financial counsel. Always seek guidance from a certified professional before making choices affecting your health, money, or legal standings.

No Refunds Policy: Considering the inherent nature of these services, once a reading is given, it's final and non-refundable.

Medium of Exchange: All interactions and specifics about the readings will be conducted via Etsy Conversations. Please avoid inquiries about health, impending births, legal scenarios, or gambling.

Your Accountability: You, as the client, bear the full responsibility for any choices or actions post-reading. Tao I Ching Reading bear no responsibility for decisions made or actions taken based on the insights given.

For Enjoyment: While we are genuinely passionate about the services we offer, it's essential to recognize that they're fundamentally for entertainment. They don't affirm specific results or occurrences.

When you procure a reading, you affirm your agreement to the aforementioned stipulations.
We thank you for your comprehension and wish you the best of luck!

DREAM Interpretation E-book: Hidden Meaning of Your Dreams, Chinese Oracle, Unlock the Power of Your Dreams