Energy Cleanse Kit

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The ultimate cleansing energy kit!

Developing space-cleansing practices is a healing way to honor your inner flow of creative energy and ensure your spirit truly feels at home in your home.

Recommended to light a bundle or stick allowing to burn for 30-60 seconds, blow the flame out and allow the smoke to cleanse your space. It is recommended to open a window or door slightly to allow the smoke and negative energy to flow out.

Includes : Cedar bundle, yerba santa, white sage, palo santo & rosemary bundle.

Cedar : is another cleansing tool that the planet has graciously given us. It is a symbol of resilience, immortality, and eternal life. When used to cleanse your space, it invites a spirit of calm endurance, which can help in balancing the challenging energy of major transitions. (And as a bonus, it’s insect-repellant and pet-friendly.)

Yerba Santa : is a sacred herb whose leaf has been used for its medicinal properties for generations. It aids in the alleviation of respiratory conditions such as cough and lung inflammation. When it is burned with intention in your home, it is said to promote the flow of psychic abilities associated with the third eye and cloak your space with a divine light of protection.

Rosemary : is traditionally used to prepare spaces for new beginnings. Did you just move? Start a new relationship? Close an important chapter in your life? Rosemary expresses your intention to honor the mystic beauty of change, and to relish in the comforting discomfort of that in-between state.

White Sage :

has been used for centuries as a spiritual practice to remove negative energy. It also has other benefits such as, removing airborne bacteria and boosting ones mood reducing stress levels.

Palo Santo :

is Spanish for 'holy wood', which is a sacred tree growing in parts of South America. Used for centuries spiritual practices and energy cleansing.

Learn more on how to smudge your house with white sage here.
Energy Cleanse Kit