Green Jade Bracelet with Pixiu - Invite Wealth & Calming Energies

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Wealth is drawn to a positive environment.

To attract prosperous energies, one must create a welcoming space for his newfound wealth. This is what the jade Pixiu bracelet is made for.

The “Green Jade Bracelet with Pixiu” is a feng shui charm to attract money energy.

Combining the calming jadestone and the auspicious Pixiu, this bracelet is said to create a positive space for you to manifest wealth.

Jade Pixiu Benefits

  • Green jadestone. Known for its calming energies!
  • Lucky Pixiu symbol. Attracts wealth in feng shui!
  • Jade and Pixiu in one bracelet. Said to create a positive space to invite money!

The Power of Green Jade and Pixiu

The green jade and Pixiu are both powerful wealth symbols in feng shui.

For thousands of years, jade has been used by Chinese locals for its soothing energies. This gemstone is often used to calm us down when life becomes too stressful. Since wealth is drawn to peaceful spaces, many believe that green jade helps in creating wealth.

Pixiu is another feng shui symbol for wealth. Legend has it that Pixiu can devour the riches of the world. Cursed with a sealed anus, it traps the wealth inside its belly, never allowing it to leave his body. As a result, many believe that this creature helps attract and protect your riches.

With the calming qualities of green jade, you are setting a positive environment for Pixiu to accumulate wealth. This is what makes this green jade bracelet with Pixiu great for your dream of abundant life!

More About Green Jade

Green jade is also associated with many good things in Chinese culture.

Since ancient times, this crystal has been used as a sign of protection. Chinese parents would often give their daughters jade bracelets to protect them from evil forces.

Jade is also a supreme stone in the practice of crystal healing. Many would use it to improve conditions related to the kidneys, bladder, and liver. It is also widely used to support the reproductive system such as assisting in fertility and childbirth.

As a stone aligned with the heart chakra, it is also thought to inspire self-love and acceptance, improving our relationships with the people around us.

Green Jade Pixiu Bracelet for You

If you’re looking to create a welcoming environment for wealth, get this Green Jade Bracelet with Pixiu now!

Aligning your intentions: Use positive affirmations such as “Money is drawn to me,” to align with the bracelet’s energy.

Jade Pixiu Bracelet Details

  • Item Type: Pixiu Jade Bracelet
  • Material: Natural Green Jade
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Amulet: Pixiu/Piyao
  • Bead Size: 0.39” (10mm)
  • Bracelet Length: 14-16cm
  • Gender: Unisex
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Green Jade Bracelet with Pixiu - Invite Wealth & Calming Energies