Hand Hammered Ancient Looking Yin Yang Necklace

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Materials: Brass
Pendant width: 0.98 Inches; Pendant height: 0.98 Inches
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The symbol of the yin yang, also known as the Tai Chi or Taiqi symbol, consists of a circle equally divided into black and white sections by a reverse S-like shape. Within the black section is a small circle of white. Within the white section is a small circle of black. Each of the individual aspects of the yin yang symbol has a significant meaning as does the entire yin yang.

According to yin yang philosophy, the universe and everything in it is both constant and cyclical. In this infinite cycle, one force dominates and is then replaced by the opposing force. Examples illustrating the yin yang philosophy include:

Life and death
Heaven and earth
Male and female
Sun and moon
Black and white
Night and day
Dark and light

The diameter of the pendant is 0.98 inches / 25mm
Silver pendant weight: 10.6 g

The pendant is hand-hammered, every piece is unique and a little bit different from others. This makes the handcrafted items so original that there is no one else who is wearing exactly the same thing.

The pendant comes with adjustable string, you can adjust to your needs how long the cord will be.
Hand Hammered Ancient Looking Yin Yang Necklace