HandMade Multicolored Tangka Tibetan-style Bracelet Wristband

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This handmade Tangka Tibetan-style wristband is handwoven and features five different colors of threads.

It comes in four styles, each representing a specific figure:

Manjushri Bodhisattva,

Blue Deity (commonly associated with Mahakala),

Yellow Deity (also associated with Mahakala),

and Nine-Tailed Fox.

1. 文殊菩萨 (Manjushri Bodhisattva): Manjushri is a bodhisattva associated with wisdom and knowledge in Buddhism. He is often depicted holding a sword that cuts through ignorance and darkness.

2. 蓝五爷 (Blue Deity): The “Blue Deity” is typically a reference to Mahakala, a protector deity in Tibetan Buddhism. Mahakala is often depicted as a wrathful deity and is considered a guardian figure.

3. 黄五爷 (Yellow Deity): The “Yellow Deity” is also a reference to Mahakala, but this form is typically associated with wealth and prosperity, providing protection against obstacles.

4. 九尾狐 (Nine-Tailed Fox): In various Asian cultures, including Chinese and Japanese, the nine-tailed fox is a mythical creature known for its cunning and supernatural abilities. It is often seen as both a symbol of mischief and transformation.

These wristbands showcase the beauty of Tibetan craftsmanship and the significance of these figures in Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Production Infomation

Material: cotton rope

Size: adjustable

HandMade Multicolored Tangka Tibetan-style Bracelet Wristband

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