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A beautiful box of decorative oyster shells, dried flowers, palo santo, evil eye beads, a magnet to protect you, beeswax and precious crystals for everyone who loves their home or settling in a new home.


Whether you are making your way towards new beginnings and have moved or know someone who is driving, do you feel like there is heavy or intense energy in your home or want to protect your home from low frequencies? This gift box is for you!
Every product in this kit is ready to bring sunshine into your home! This kit is designed to cleanse and protect your home from negative energies and bring prosperity to your home. At the same time, it will help you to increase the harmony between the members of your household and make your living space more positive.

These Crystals have been selected according to their properties to help with energy cleansing as well as protect and promote positive energy:

Selenite is one of the best energy tools in the world of gemstones to purify, cleanse, and heal everything inside your home. The most important feature of this precious crystal is that it removes energy blockages that keep you from living in the flow, allowing positive energy to flow. It will clear any negative energy and vibrations that may arise internally and externally.
To clear your home's energy, you can place a selenite stone in a prominent spot.
Thanks to its strong vibrational properties, it will infuse your personal energy field with an abundance of calmness and peace.
Since it is a powerful and effective tool for cleansing and charging gemstones, it would also be beneficial to dedicate this stone specifically for this purpose. If you feel that the energy of any gemstone is lower than before, you can cleanse it using selenite stone.

Like its colour, it gets its energy from the sun. The bright and happy energy of citrine shines into your home like the sun, infusing your soul with positive and high vibrations. It brings success, wealth and healing. It raises your energy. This stone will help you when you have a gloomy or pessimistic outlook on life.
Citrine stone is one of the rare natural stones that can release toxic and negative energy instead of keeping it inside. It is a natural stone believed to bring prosperity, luck and money.
Putting it in a corner in your home can help you increase positivity and productivity. Even its presence in the environment is enough to transmit its energy to you. It is also used to protect against the harmful effects of radiation.

An evil eye bead is believed to protect people from the evil eye. Throughout history, in most cultures and religious beliefs, the figure of the eye has been recognised as a powerful talisman warding off evil.

The simple act of lighting a candle has relaxing properties and can aid in stress relief and meditation. The sweet, natural honey scent of beeswax candles can help with this relaxation without being overwhelming like synthetic scented candles.
Beeswax candles produce negative ions when burned, and these ions help neutralise pollutants in the air. Beeswax candles have the brightest, purest light of any candles and are closest to natural sunlight. If the candles are to be used as a light source, this can help minimise eye strain and reduce headaches.

Palo Santo is a mystical tree that indigenous peoples have used for centuries. It is a product used to relieve stress, empty the mind, relieve fatigue, and clear the energy of your environment. Since the scent of incense provides calmness in all respects, it makes it easier to focus on inner peace and breath. As the unique smell of lemon, pine, and mint comes out of the smoke of Palo Santo incense, you will feel as if you have left yourself to the spacious utopia of a unique garden.
It provides spiritual cleansing and makes it easier to turn to inner peace. It makes it easier to support and affirm the rituals performed and removes bad energy from your space. Perfect for meditation, relaxation, and harmony.

The incense of peganum seeds has a psychic effect that cleanses people or places from negative energies.
This incense has countless positive effects; let me briefly explain a few of them.
Forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, and endless fatigue can be because of the evil eye on you. Also known as the evil eye incense among people, the peganum incense protects you from the evil eye and the effects of low-frequency energies in your living space.
You can use it regularly at intervals you determine according to your energy status.
It is said that when first ignited, the more smoke comes out, the more it is said to affect the evil eye.

Also, it is believed that hanging the bunches of this plant at the entrance of the house will prevent negative energy from entering inside.
Let me tell you that I light it and then walk around with it in my house.

100% Natural
Each shell will differ as it is natural :)
Approx. 15 - 10 cm
Approx. 100g
The oyster shell resonates with the upper chakras, bringing one closer to their highest self. This beautiful piece from the ocean activates our more intuitive qualities as it brings the cleansing qualities of the depths of mother nature into your space as a channel for the divine realms. With soothing and healing properties, oyster shells carry protection and emotional balance.
You can use the oyster shell to keep your bundle of peganum incense.

Your gemstones work best when they are cleaned. Ways to cleanse your healing crystals and use other products and rituals are available on the information cards included in the box.

Please note that the crystals are unique, so the colours, shapes and textures may vary slightly.

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House Protection Crystals Set, House Protection, Gift Ideas, Home Gifts, Housewarming Gifts, New Home, Evil Eve