Little Monk With Feng Shui Flower

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The little monks seated on a wood bench are doing different kinds of Zen activities under a beautiful life flower, which is used in Feng Shui as a cure to stimulate the flow of energy and vitality!
The little monks offer to bring peaceful vibes for everyone nearby!

The vase is made of high-quality Purple Sand from East Asia.

The artificial flower is adjustable to your liking. It symbolizes the essential Feng Shui elements of wood, water and earth, which are necessities of any life.

The elements of this beautifully crafted ornament represent stability and vitality, balancing the Chi energies inside home and businesses. 

Decorate your room and businesses with our best seller Little Monk With Feng Shui Flower!

Product Details

- Product Type: Handcrafted ornament
- Material: Wood, Ceramic, Artificial Flower
- Variants: Available in 6 styles

Little Monk With Feng Shui Flower