Natural Wood And Water Anti-Anxiety Necklace

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This handcrafted necklace is not only a beautiful fashion item, but also works wonder for people who experience anxiety and symptoms of depression with its calming aura. 

Wood and water give a calming, anti-anxiety and anti-depressive aura. This is why we feel calm and peace when we stare at the ocean and take a walk in the woods. It is an extremely powerful aura of nature.

It balances the anxious emotions by removing old negative thoughts from the mind.

It also gives vitality and power to the Aura. 

Wood and water naturally works on the Heart Chakra. It cleanses deep anxious feelings in order to increase the confidence in one's life. 


  • Presented in an exclusive box
  • Individually crafted with high quality assurance
  • As each piece is hand-made with natural wood and resin, each piece is unique in itself depending on the shape and size of the wood and resin. This is part of the beauty of these necklaces. Every piece is unique.


  • Material: resin and wood
  • Size: 6.11.21cm

Product Care

Each necklace is individually crafted and inspected for the highest quality control. It is made to last.

Package Inclusion: 

  • 1 x Natural Wood And Water Anti-Anxiety Necklace (Random Design)
Natural Wood And Water Anti-Anxiety Necklace