Orgonite pendant necklace, Tiny Mini Pendant EMF

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Handmade item
Materials: Copper, Gold
Stone: Quartz
Raw stone
Adjustable length
Can be personalized
Pendant width: 9 Millimeters; Pendant height: 3 Millimeters

Add an initial to your silk thread necklace in the personalization box to make this item extra special. Please note once a initial is added, its non returnable.

Lightweight and dainty minimalist style💗

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Connect to the heart and feel the love with our 0.1hz Orgonite necklace which is the ideal frequency used in manifestation meditations by connecting the heart to the mind. This is the same frequency studied in heart math. This is a fantastic gift for him or gift for her.

5g orgonite necklace with 18k Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver with matching silk cord. Our Orgonite Pendant Necklace can be customize to add an initial if you wish to personalize. This is a natural orgonite frequency generating 0.1hz heart mind manifestation necklace which works to release this frequency which helps to harmonize the human biofield.

This specific frequency resonates with the natural rhythms of your heart, creating a resonance that encourages a state of coherence. It's the point of perfect alignment where your heart and brain work together in perfect harmony, unleashing a world of possibilities.

Please be a responsible buyer and note the details of this tiny treasure so you know the size and details correctly. This is an amazing value for what you are buying as all materials are authentic and gathered sustainably in nature myself. From volcanic sites in Washington state, New York for crystals, and Utah for copper and other minerals. I atomized and combine the perfect ratio to create the exact frequency needed for heart mind cohearance. This frequency helps with thankfulness, gratitude, and compassion. All higher positive feeling which help move us into the heart. Manifest a higher life for yourself with this mini frequency generator. Those that are thankful will always have more than enough. This is more than just a necklace, it’s a manifestion tool, to bring you back into your heart so you can bloom and bring forth the very best and most beautiful parts of what’s inside you out.

Mini but powerful, approximate sizing is 7-9mm wide x 2-3mm deep. As shown in the photos with a ruler and model to show the mini delicate size. This may look like a ordinary necklace but what’s inside holds a key to helping you be your best self.

One side is a pearly cream slightly white -ish grey tone in some light and the backside is a darker color which shows the contents (see photos)

These will give off natural energy for the entire life of the pendant. We use various scientific measuring devices to gauge the frequency. Since we use only natural materials we test using a Natural tri field meter to see the electrical output.

Our Orgonite EMF protection pendant also uses elite noble shungite which is a great for protection for unhealthy frequencies.

Orgonite pendant necklace, Tiny Mini Pendant EMF
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