Sage Cleanse Kit

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Experience the ultimate energy cleansing ritual with the Sage Cleanse Kit. Designed to optimize your spiritual practice and create a harmonious environment, this kit offers an exceptional selection of sage cleansing essentials that will leave you feeling revitalized and your space refreshed.

The Sage Cleanse Kit is meticulously curated to cater to individuals seeking a powerful and effective way to clear negative energy and promote positive vibrations. Crafted with a deep understanding of the importance of energy purification, this kit ensures that you can create a sacred space for meditation, relaxation, and spiritual growth.

The kit includes 4 bundles of high-quality sustainably sourced sage, and palo santo, known for its potent cleansing properties. This sacred herb has been used for centuries to purify spaces, ward off negativity, and promote spiritual clarity. Each sage bundle is carefully and sustainably sourced from California.

Clearing stagnant and negative energy from your surroundings can promote mental clarity, emotional well-being, and a sense of tranquility. It can also create a space that is conducive to mindfulness, meditation, and self-reflection.

How to :

To practice smudging in your space, start with clear intentions, open all windows, light a bundle from the top end or crush its leaves and put them on a burning charcoal tablet on a safe dish or surface. Relax as your space is cleared of negative energy!

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Sage Cleanse Kit