Tibetan Friendship Charm Bracelets

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True friends are the greatest of all blessings.

That’s why it’s only appropriate to show them your appreciation for their gift of friendship! Our friendship charm bracelets are made for that purpose.

The “Tibetan Friendship Bracelet” is a charm meant to be shared with friends to wish them good luck and safety. Handwoven from high-quality Tibetan rope, this makes an excellent gift for friends who made an impact in your life!


Friendship Bracelet Features
Blessed Tibetan rope. Said to attract good luck and happiness!
Safe buckle amulet. Symbolizes protection in many cultures!
Intricate Dragon knots. A type of Buddhist knot for warding off evil!
Available in three colors. Choose from black, blue, or red string!

Friendship Charm Bracelets for Good Luck
Friendship bracelets have long been a symbol of lasting companionship.

What makes the Tibetan bracelet more special is that it is charged with spiritual energy from sacred mantras.

Many believe that wearing a Tibetan friendship bracelet brings people good things.
For this reason, this bracelet is the perfect piece to wish your friends luck in life!


Safe Buckle Bracelet & The Dragon Knots
This bracelet isn’t only worn for good luck. It is also said to grant your friends protection!

The safe buckle strung in this bracelet is said to inspire safety all the time. The outer circle represents the vast world and chaos. The inner circle symbolizes peace and harmony.

The string is also handwoven in the dragon knot pattern. Dragons are protective creatures in Tibetan Buddhism that keep people safe from evil.


Lucky Friendship Bracelet for You
If you’re looking to wish your friends good luck and safety, get a matching Tibetan bracelet for you and them!


Friendship Charm Bracelets Details
Item Type: Friendship Bracelet
Material: Gold-Plated Sterling Silver, Handwoven Tibetan String
Knot Style: Dragon Knot
Amulet: Safe Buckle
Length: 5.51” (14cm, adjustable)
Clasp Type: Sliding Knot
Available String Colors:
Dark Green
Gender: Unisex
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Tibetan Friendship Charm Bracelets