Jade Money Bag Necklace - Feng Shui Wealth

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Have you ever wished so hard for money to come?

If your wish seems futile, maybe, you might need prosperous energies to assist you in fulfilling them. That is the purpose of this jade money bag necklace.

The “Lucky Wealth Bag Hetian Jade Pendant Necklace” is a potent wealth activator in feng shui practice. Combining the auspicious money bag and the wish-fulfilling Hetian jade, this necklace is said to help one achieve his dreams of abundant life!


Jade Necklace Features

  • Feng shui money bag pendant. A powerful symbol of wealth used to attract money luck!
  • Made of Hetian jade. Known as the Stone of Dreams, said to aid in fulfilling wishes!
  • Fu (福) engraving. Used to wish you good fortune!
  • Money bag and Hetian jade combined. Two wealth activators in one necklace!


Jade Money Bag Necklace Meaning

In Chinese culture, a money bag pendant made of jade is used to fulfill your dreams of prosperity.

The money bag is a lucky symbol that represents infinite riches in feng shui. Carrying this amulet is said to stimulate positive energy around you. When energy freely flows, this enhances the wealth aspect of your life.

Hetian jade is a stone that reinforces the money bag's auspicious effects. Legend has it that this white gemstone can grant one’s wishes. Because of this, it has earned the name “Stones of Dreams and Wishes.” People say that the more intense your wish is, the stronger the jadestone becomes.


Lucky Jade Money Bag Pendant for You

Combining the powers of Hetian jade and money bag, this charm makes a powerful wealth necklace.

If you wish for energies that can assist you in your wealth intentions, get this jade money bag pendant!


Aligning your intentions: Use wealth-enhancing affirmations such as “My wish for an abundant life comes true today” to align with the necklace’s energy.


Jade Money Bag Necklace Details

  • Item Type: Feng Shui Necklace
  • Material: Acrylic artificial Jade to symbolize the color white in Feng Shui, golden metal alloy
  • Pendant Shape: Money Bag
  • Pendant Size: 0.79 x 0.59" (20 x 15mm)
  • Chain Length: 18" (45.72cm)
  • Style: Snake Chain
  • Gender: Unisex
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Jade Money Bag Necklace - Feng Shui Wealth

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