U.S. dollar banknotes, burning paper money, sacrificial supplies

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 Collection of Ghost Money Joss Papers - designed to be burnt as offerings for your ancestors. The burning of Joss paper in one form or another is popular in most Asian countries. Burning joss paper is a traditional Chinese-Taoist practice that sends money and materials goods to deceased relatives in the afterlife. It’s common to burn joss paper at funerals, on ancestor birthdays and during important holidays.


Ancestor Money has many names: Joss Paper, Hell Notes, Heaven Notes, Spirit Money, Ghost Money, etc. The use of Ancestor Money goes back to African and Chinese traditions of burning as an offering to our ancestors. Some believe that our ancestors need money on the other side and this is our way of caring for our ancestors. Others use these as payment to the ancestors for their assistance here in the human realm.

To use, write your name and intention on the note. Then, if you are asking for something to be brought into your life (such a wealth, love, etc.) fold the paper towards you to symbolize the bringing in of their magic. And if you are asking to be rid of something, fold it away from you. Then burn the note at your altar as a part of your ritual. Please observe fire safety when burning these.

You can also display these on your altar, without burning. There is no one size fits all when it comes to magic.

💵Please note that these Ancestor Money bills are not real currency or intended as an imitation of legal tender. They are ritual tools used in spiritual practices and are not suitable for use as actual money. The bills are designed for symbolic purposes in ancestral veneration rituals and ceremonies. Burning or displaying them on your altar is a personal choice and part of individual spiritual practices. Ensure to practice fire safety when burning these bills. The bills are large prop-type pieces with the words 'Ancestor Money' written on them.denomination, packaged inside a parchment envelope for safekeeping and discreet storage. A tracking number will be provided for your convenience.💵

some are new and some are 10 - 20 yrs old. The paper is made from rice, grass and/or bamboo and you can see the tiny flecks in it. Some of the designs are hand printed using blocks - so they are hand crafted and look it.

These notes are pretty lightweight - so burn easily, about tissue weight.

Some of these came to me folded ( I haven't added any new folds!)

These will ship flat in a cardboard envelope.

U.S. dollar banknotes, burning paper money, sacrificial supplies