Vintage Buddha Wind Chime with Fish Wind Catcher Unique Ringing Wind Chimes

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Buddhist art exhibits distinctive forms and characteristics reflecting the diverse cultures and countries in which it has spread. Wind Chimes are believed by Buddhists to promoted peace and good health. Bells are part of honoring the "Three Jewels or Three Treasures” -  the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha (Naillon). It is also used both to suppress and cure negative energy. 

This vintage wind chime is connected to a metal fish which traditionally represents happiness, having complete freedom of movement in the water.  Fish represents fertility and abundance. Hanging up this wind chime above the entrance of your house is a great way to breathe life and vitality into your home.


This beautiful handmade ornament is made with intricate designs and art from Buddhist culture. It looks naturally warm and cozy, evoking an antique vibe even in the most modern settings. 

  • Made from high zinc and alloy (Lead & Nickel-Free)
  • Bell length is 6cm (2.36 inches) and has diameter is 4.6cm (1.8 inches)
  • Wind chime height is 22cm (8.66 inches)
  • Available in vintage brass color

Enhance your outdoor space with the serene sounds of our Vintage Buddha Wind Chime with Fish Wind Catcher. This unique piece combines traditional craftsmanship with a spiritual touch, featuring a beautifully detailed Buddha and fish design. The gentle ringing of the chimes creates a peaceful ambiance, perfect for gardens, patios, or any outdoor setting. Embrace tranquility and add a distinctive charm to your surroundings with this exceptional wind chime, designed to bring a sense of calm and positive energy to your home.

Handcrafted: Created by hand artistically wherein beauty and imperfections bind together wonderfully

Vintage Buddha Wind Chime with Fish Wind Catcher Unique Ringing Wind Chimes