For deceased relatives,For their peace

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Material: High-quality paper

Craftsmanship: Printed

Customisation: Not available

Category: Joss Paper/Money Paper


  • Each bundle contains 500 sheets. The set includes various types:
    • Joss paper (27 x 20 cm when unfolded)
    • Yuanbao (ingot-shaped paper)
    • Tongtian Coin (celestial coin-shaped paper)
    • Gold paper
    • Wanguan Money (representing large sums of wealth)
    • Money Tree (symbolising ongoing prosperity)
    • Lu Lu Tong (symbolising smooth and successful paths)
    • Money Dui (stack of paper money)
    • Han Yi (clothing paper for the deceased)

Product Description: Our Qingming Festival Ancestral Offering Kit is designed to meet all your ceremonial needs during tomb-sweeping and ancestor worship activities. Crafted from premium paper and beautifully printed, each element of this kit is made to respect and honour your ancestors. The diverse types of paper in this set cater to various traditional practices, ensuring that your offerings are both respectful and comprehensive.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Selection: From traditional money papers to symbolic items like the Money Tree and Yuanbao, this set covers all bases for a complete ceremonial offering.
  • High-Quality Printing: Each piece is printed with attention to detail, ensuring that the offerings are dignified and appropriate for the solemnity of the occasion.
  • Ready to Use: The kit is pre-assembled with no customization needed, allowing for immediate use upon purchase.

Ideal for families seeking to maintain and respect the tradition of honoring their ancestors, this kit provides a convenient and respectful way to engage in cultural practices during significant times of remembrance.

For deceased relatives,For their peace