Red Rope Dragon Year Braided Bracelet Zodiac Braided Rope

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Enhance your spiritual well-being with the Zodiac Patron Buddha Safe Charm Red String, designed to attract good luck and offer protection. Tailored to your zodiac, this charm embodies the guardianship of the corresponding Buddha, promoting wealth and health in a harmonious blend of tradition and style.


Zodiac Patron Buddha Safe Charm with Red String for attracting good luck, protection, health, and wealth5


The Zodiac Patron Buddha Safe Charm Red String is a spiritual accessory designed to bring peace, protection, and blessings associated with your zodiac sign and its corresponding Patron Buddha. Each red string charm features symbols of the twelve zodiac signs along with the respective Buddhas that guard them.  This red string is believed to bring harmony, safety, and well-being to its wearer, serving as a reminder of the divine protection and guidance present in their life journey. Embrace the spiritual connection with your Patron Buddha and carry the blessings of peace and security wherever you go with this meaningful accessory.
The "Zodiac Patron Buddha" refers to the belief that each zodiac sign has its own corresponding Buddha, with different meanings. According to Buddhist tradition, every person is believed to be guarded by a Bodhisattva or Buddha from birth. It is said that the day of one's birth is when they establish a karmic connection with a particular Buddha, known as their "Patron Buddha".
The "Safe and Health Card" features the word "平安" (peace/safety) on one side and the word "健康" (health) on the other side, symbolizing blessings of longevity, well-being, and a smooth, fulfilling life without troubles or disturbances.


Product Details
Item Type:Handcrafted Braided Bracelets
Material: Cotton Thread,Pure Silver
Size: Adjustable
Clasp Type: Sliding Knot
Gender: Unisex
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Red Rope Dragon Year Braided Bracelet Zodiac Braided Rope