About Us

More than just jewelry, at zenvibesfengshui, we view it as a way of life; Accepting life's contrasts, nourishing one's spirit; Inspiring one's thoughts; revitalizing the body; Brightening your existence.

“We believe that the energy of the world influences our experiences in life. Through consciously made accessories, we can align our intentions with the right energy. Then, we begin to see our intentions manifest into a reality.”


Our mission

Our mission at zenvibesfengshui is to make carefully chosen handmade items available to a worldwide audience while igniting dialogue about preserving traditional crafts.
We provide authentic products of the highest caliber to encourage your spiritual practice and deliver spiritual jewelry to enhance your life. Tracing our humble roots to our extensive travel and spiritual experience with cultures, we have seen how powerful spiritual jewelry and amulets can be.
zenvibesfengshui is committed to preserving significant meaningful items that promote harmony, joy, and present-moment mindfulness. The symbols on the zenvibesfengshui are meant to represent faith, protection, and healing. They bring good luck to you and your loved ones since they have the power to draw in good energies and drive away bad ones.
At zenvibesfengshui shop, we conduct research to find new fengshui-related goods and categories that are appropriate for your family's daily needs. We must provide you with the best value for your money so that each time you purchase with us, you get a better deal than you would elsewhere.
We sincerely believe that honesty and sincerity are necessary to satisfy customers completely. We are happy to work with individuals who respect action-based leadership and share our values. We want you to feel STRONG, ENLIGHTENED, CONFIDENT, OPTIMISTIC, and AMAZING.



  • Authentic, high-quality Dharma items and inspiring collection;
  • Professional customer service, via e-mail and Facebook;
  • Fast shipping;
  • Safe and secure order processing;
  • PayPal and credit card verified company;
  • Rewarding customer loyalty programs.

Zenvibesfengshui: Live in the Moment

At zenvibesfengshui, we made it our goal to ease your worries about the future so you can live in the moment.

By bringing spiritual items charged with the energy of healing, abundance, love, or protection, we hope to fulfill your intentions so you can focus on the present and enjoy every moment. 




  • Email: info@zenvibesfengshui.com 
  • Facebook: @zenvibesfengshui
  • WhatsApp: +008615178165759