2024 Tai Sui Amulet Prayer Gold Card Amulet Bring In Wealth And

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Tai Sui (Tài Suì) in traditional Chinese culture refers to Jupiter. The position of the yearly movement of the yearly star is believed to affect a person's fortune. Therefore, in Taoism and folk beliefs, there are a series of beliefs and customs related to Tai Sui, including worship and wearing Tai Sui talismans.

General Li Cheng is one of the Tai Sui gods. According to folklore, there is a Tai Sui general on duty every year, responsible for the fortune of that year. As one of the Tai Sui gods, General Li Cheng's duty is to maintain peace and stability in that year and protect people from disasters and bad luck.

Benefits of worshipping Tai Sui and asking for Tai Sui talismans:

Avoid disasters and pray for blessings: It is believed that worshipping Tai Sui gods or wearing Tai Sui talismans can eliminate disasters and avoid bad things from happening.
Improve fortune: Enhance personal fortune and make career, health, and relationships better.
Soul comfort: Give yourself and your family psychological comfort and support through beliefs and rituals.
Pray for peace: Protect the safety of yourself and your family, especially when you are on duty and offend Tai Sui, it is particularly important to seek the protection of Tai Sui.

Chinese amulet cards are a great gift idea for your loved ones or your friend who love Chinese traditions.

The protective cards are lightweight and designed for carrying or decorating, unique and chic.

Bright color, delicate design, this blessing card is without acute edges, safe and comfortable to touch.

You can put the cards in purses, handbags, or in other places such as offices, car, etc. Compact size, light weight, detailed workmanship, special appearance and portable to take.

Represent Chinese traditional culture, with authentic traditional Chinese style, interesting and auspicious.


Material: Copper

Color: As picture

Size: 8*5cm

Package contains: 1pc Tai Sui Amulet Card


Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

Please note that slight color difference should be acceptable due to the light and screen.

2024 Tai Sui Amulet Prayer Gold Card Amulet Bring In Wealth And