Crystal Healing Set - Amethyst Cut Base, Clear Quartz Crystal Point & Rose Quartz Crystal (Beautiful Healing Energy Set, Home Decor)

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A perfect Set of 3 Healing Crystals. This set includes an Amethyst Cut Base from Uruguay, Clear Quartz Crystal Point from Brazil, and a Rough Rose Quartz Chunk from Madagascar. This carefully selected combination of three powerful Healing and Cleansing crystals will help promote a positive, healthy and full of love lifestyle. Along with there metaphysical properties, these pieces also make beautiful decor specimens. Stunning specimens at an unbeatable value!

This set includes -

Amethyst Cut Base - Weight of about 1/4 - 1/2 lb. Size about 2" - 3" Tall, 1.25" - 2.5" Wide and 1.5" - 2" thick. Also known as the 'Stone of Peace', Amethyst is one of our most popular crystals. Amethyst may assist you in happiness, groundedness, emotional balance, resolve, love, peace, addiction, and tame unruly dreams. It is a stone that truly knows no bounds as it is one of the most powerful gemstone crystals. Amethyst is associated with the Brow and Crown Chakra and has a host of metaphysical properties. Beyond all this it is, however, simply a very beautiful stone to possess - one of our favorites!

Clear Quartz Point - Size around 2.5 - 3". Strongly associated with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras but will remove energy blockages from all the Chakras. This versatile stone is sometimes known as the ‘Master Healer’. The stone has very many uses but is especially useful for meditation, repelling negative energy, assisting with clarity of thought. It is especially known for amplifying intention when used with crystal healing.

Rose Quartz Rough Chunk - Size around 3". Rose Quartz is an extremely popular stone. Known as the ‘Love Stone’ it symbolizes unconditional love. This is a very calming, relaxing stone and is used often with the Heart Chakra. Used to attract love many people keep stones in their bedroom or carry them on their person each day. The stone will deter negative energy and restore love energy in its place. All great reasons to wear one!

Stones shown are for illustration as these are natural items please expect some variance from item to item. Stones supplied will be very similar but not identical.


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Crystal Healing Set - Amethyst Cut Base, Clear Quartz Crystal Point & Rose Quartz Crystal (Beautiful Healing Energy Set, Home Decor)