Natural Garnet Pixiu Ring - Feng Shui Wealth Ring

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Ignite your passion for an abundant life!

If you need more fire to go after your dreams of prosperity, this garnet ring may be of help!

The “Natural Garnet Pixiu Ring” is designed to re-energize you when you’re feeling uninspired. This ring is also supercharged with auspicious symbols in feng shui to attract luck!

Wear this ring to activate your passion and enhance the energy of wealth and success around you!

Natural Garnet Ring Features

  • Natural garnet center stone. Used to activate passion and attract success!
  • Pixiu symbol. Believed to bring wealth in feng shui!
  • Mani mantra. Chanted to attract many good things!
  • Old Chinese coins. Activator of feng shui wealth energy!
  • Made of sterling silver. Durable!
  • Open size. Can fit different finger sizes!

Red Garnet Pixiu Meaning

Red garnet and Pixiu are two feng shui symbols that work harmoniously to bring you wealth and success.

In Chinese culture, Pixiu is dubbed as the “fortune beast.” Also called Piyao, this creature would travel the world looking for treasures. It devours everything it finds and brings them back to its master. As a result, many believe that wearing Pixiu will help them accumulate wealth.

Meanwhile, a garnet stone is used to activate passion and attract success in feng shui. Its fiery energy will inspire you to work toward your goal of abundance, complementing the prosperous energy of the Pixiu amulet!

Inscribed with Mantra and Other Lucky Symbols

Also embossed on this ring is the Mani mantra. This six-syllable mantra is chanted to attract luck and all good things.

This ring is also etched with old Chinese coin patterns on the surface. The round shape of the coin represents Heaven while the square hole in the middle symbolizes Earth. When worn, it is said to form the “Heaven-Earth-Man” luck, In feng shui, which activates the energy of wealth!

Natural Garnet Lucky Pixiu Ring for You

This silver ring features a Pixiu ring head embellished with a fiery red garnet stone at the center.

On the outer side of the ring, you’ll find old Chinese coin symbols embossed with the lucky Mani Mantra. On the inner side, you’ll see auspicious inscriptions written in Chinese.

Our natural garnet ring is supercharged with symbols to attract luck and success!

Don’t miss out on this powerful wealth ring!

Ring Details

  • Item Type: Feng Shui Ring
  • Material: Sterling Silver, Red Garnet
  • Pattern: Mani Mantra, Old Chinese Coins
  • Size: The ring's size is adjustable
  • Width: 0.39 (10mm)
  • Gender: Unisex
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Natural Garnet Pixiu Ring - Feng Shui Wealth Ring

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