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Wake up your senses and revel in the calming, uplifting power of peppermint with our THIRD EYE candle. Peppermint’s refreshing scent stimulates focus and concentration and opens up channels of intuition. For days when you need to focus and concentrate on a task, work, or a deep conversation, our THIRD EYE candle will be the perfect companion. The candle’s soft, balanced scents of fresh peppermint and subtle aromas of tobacco will give you an unforgettably soothing yet invigorating experience to help you focus and feel calm and relaxed. Our candles are non-toxic, all natural, and made with pure coconut wax. 

Set your intention, light your candle, and sink into your calming daily ritual. 

The vibe: uplifting, fresh, pure.

 ● Burn time approximately 55 hours

● Pure food-grade coconut wax, non-toxic

 ● Pure peppermint essential oil, subtle notes of tobacco

 ● Phthalate-free, uses cotton wicks with no lead cores for safer, clean burning

 ● Handmade in Los angeles, CA

 ● High-quality essential oils and pure non-toxic fragrances

 ● Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting